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Rita Dominic

Early life/Education[dezie]

Rita Dominic was on 12th July, 1975 in Mbaise, Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She is the youngest child in a family of four siblings. Rita Dominic is a member of the Royal family of Waturuocha of Aboh Mbaise local government area of Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. Her late parents were medical practitioners. Her late father was a medical doctor while late her mother was a nursing officer. Rita started acting in local television dramas at the age of 5.[1]


Rita attended Federal Government College Ikot Ekpene which is known to be very prestigious in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She then proceeded to the University of Port Harcourt where she graduated with a Theatre Arts BA Honors’ Degree in 1999.[2]Dominic started performing as a child, appearing in school plays and children’s television shows in Imo State. In 1998, she starred in her first movie, A Time to Kill. She won the City People Awards in 2004 as the Most Outstanding Actress. She has starred in over 100 Nollywood productions.[3]


I wish for a country that works for us all – A peaceful country. A country where our leaders act out of love of country – A country where leaders work to better the lives of citizens by uplifting the poor and helpless, investing in educating young Nigerians, in creating jobs for millions of jobless, improving healthcare and public infrastructure.[4][dezie]

The creative industry should not be used as window dressing, but should be taken seriously, as the creative economy is a huge potential source of employment for the youth if handled and financed correctly.[5]

There’s nothing you set your mind to that you can’t achieve! God has blessed us with all the qualities. It’s left for us to search within ourselves to find our unique qualities and strengths.[6]

Never forget how beautiful and powerful you are...[7]

Love makes the world go round and should be celebrated every day.[8]

I am a woman… beautifully, proudly, and uniquely. Today I celebrate my essence.[9]

You hear more when you are silent.[10]

To be honest, I did not want to play Clara Ikemba (the discourteous secretary) in the movie, ‘The Meeting.’ People were abusing us saying we (actresses and film makers) should get serious and go and work in a bank. To be honest, we did not have money and we were not making money either. We didn't even have phones or GSM. I remember how I would attend movie auditions and the organisers of the audition would tell you to come back two days after to find out of you made the list and you would spend your last card (money) to the venue, get there, check the list and not find my name on the list. When I said last card, I mean it was really the last money you had and there was no money to go back home. It never stopped me though because somehow, I would get home and the next day, I'm already looking for another audition. The passion was just there. Naturally, I'm a shy person and I think I just love hiding behind characters. I love the fact that I get to hide my real personality behind those character.[11]

I look at the camera for a living.[12]